Providing Best Care Care Services in Australia for over 5 years. The Car Care Studio is one stop destination to transform your car.


To provide best and exclusive service in automobile sector. Give premium care to your car.


By using only the best and trusted products available and by living its core values, The Car Care Studio aims to provide better than excellent service.


Knowledge (ज्ञान : Jyaan)
Desire (इच्छा : Icha)
Effort (प्रयत्न : Prayatna)
Strength (बल : Bal)
Quality (गुण : Gunna)
Passion (उत्साह : Utsa)

Knowledge (ज्ञान : Jyaan)

Continuous Icha to refine & gain Knowledge in our Efforts to provide Quality and Satisfaction.

Quality (गुण : Gunna)

Gunna is a Desire that enables us to be Satisfied in our Efforts for Quality Customer Satisfaction.

Desire (इच्छा : Icha)

With acquired Jyaan and Passion for Quality, we make an effort to pay attention to detail in providing Satisfaction in Cleanliness.

Effort (प्रयत्न : Prayatna)

Our continuous Prayatna for Creativity in Cleanliness with Attention 2 Detail, we Desire to provide Customer Satisfaction and Quality.

Strength (बल : Bal)

Our Knowledge with our Desire for Quality and Utsa for Customer Satisfaction is our Strength.

Attention 2 detail

We at The Car Care Studio believe and practice these “KDESQP” hence Attention 2 detail is achieved in every job.

Satisfaction (संतोष : Santosh)

Our Efforts due to our Desire for Satisfaction from our Knowledge and 5+ years of experience will lead to Passion and help The Car Care Studio rise above our competitors in the desire to give PREMIUM care to your Ride, Pride & Joy.

Cleanliness (विशुद्धता – Vi-shuddha-taa)

TCCS clients only need what is best value for their money. We at The Car Care Studio believe that cleanliness is Godliness. This we deliver by means of our core values: KDESQP (Knowledge, Desire, Effort, Strength, Quality & Passion).

Creativity (रचनात्मकता : Rachna-atmak)

Being Creative means: the Desire to make an Effort with Passion to learn the latest techniques and products in Vehicle care to be the Market Leader in Sydney.

Passion (उत्साह : Utsa)

Using this as our Strength for Continuous improvement and Customer Satisfaction, we endeavour to pay Attention 2 detail in our Efforts to be the leading Vehicle Care service provider in Sydney.

Ashween Lakhan

As a young man I witnessed what cars mean to their owners, the gleem in their eyes would match the shine on their machines. The essence of pride that reflected on their faces when they would drive past in with the fragrance of freshly shampooed seats and interiors. Ever since I first laid my hands and delivered my first car detailing assignment, I knew this was my calling. The joy is unfathomable, each time, for the last 10 years.

Prior to founding AAL services I had a good decade of Customer Care experiences with brands like WoolWorths and Network Service Administrator with LG Electronics, yet I was drawn by Customer Satisfaction that I would render with my independent Car Detailing and Valet Service has been at different level.

Today, when brands like BMW, Toyota, Volkswagen, Jaguar and Landover, Mercedes, Kia, Suzuki, Hyundai, Nissan, MG, Honda arrive at my workshop in Rooty Hill, New South Wales, Australia – I feel honored and privileged to be able to care for these vast range of automobiles that are trusted unto me for the best hand-washed and detailing by patrons. And when they Ride away in their Pride & Joy with a smile, it is very rewarding leading to Satisfaction to my humble self.

The other things I love to do :
♡ Full Time Care of Our Autistic & and Intellectually Challenged Son.
♡ Disc Jockey.
♡ Vedic Purohit.
♡ Community Service at Arya Samaj.
♡ My Backyard Garden: Self Sufficient & Healthy.

Why Choose Us

We help you maintain your car like a new. We provide the continual delivery of superior car detailing while simultaneously providing industry leading car care services.

PRO Detailers

We have PRO Detailers on board to take care of your car.

Experienced & Skilled

We have 5+ years of experience in car care services.

Comparative Cost

We have comparative cost for our quality services.

Guaranteed Services​

We assure our quality of services for your car.

Trusted Work​

We are trusted and reputed car care service provider in Australia.

High Quality​

All products we use for your car care are of high quality.

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