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Give your car a new look and keep it like with our best and premium services.

Maintenance Detailing

To maximise the performance, reliability & longevity of your car you constantly get it serviced. They check the fliud levels, brakes, timing, tyres, instrument checks and more. They make adjustments, change parts and make repairs. But what about the exterior and interior of your car? Our Maintenance Service Package will not only keep your car looking new but we also help protect your pride and joy from the elements.

Presale Service

First Impressions count when selling anything. This is even more important when selling a car. You need it to look it’s very best and shine to get the best for deal for you. Our Presale Car Detailing Service Package will help put your car ahead of the game when it comes to sale and this will increase your chances to get top dollar.

Return From Offroad

You know how tired you look and feel after a long road trip. Weather it’s an off road adventure, or Road Trip down the coast. Your car can also look and feel a bit ragged around the edges. Our Road Trip, Inside and Outside Recovery Deep Clean will get your vehicle back to its clean and shiny best.

Stage 1 Paint Correction

3 Hours +
Our Stage 1 Paint Correction process involves correcting or rejuvenating your cars paint work with a finishing polish and finishing pad. We then follow that up by using a wax or paint sealant to protect the paint work. This is suited to paint work that is in good condition and does not have visible swirls marks and only very minor marring.

Stage 2 Paint Correction

4 Hours +
Just like the name suggests, our Stage 2 Paint Correction process uses 2 different liquids and pad combinations. It starts with a cutting liquid (abrasive) compound, to remove imperfections such as swirl marks, light scratches, and other moderate paint defects, using a cutting pad. We then use a finishing polish and finishing pad to help remove any marring or holograms. It is then followed by a Wax (Carnauba Plus, Synthetic Polymer or Hybrid Ceramic) or paint Sealant (Polymer or Hybrid Ceramic) to protect the paint work. Stage 2 Paint Correction is suited to cars that have moderate swirl marks and light scratches.

Stage 3 Paint Correction

Coming Soon

Need a Roadside Assistance?

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Our Customer Say

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Car Care studio provides a detailed quote and explanation for my volvoxc90 as it required a lot of attention. I was update throughout the day on the progress of my vehicle. The final finish was absolutely amazing. The shine on the car had returned plus the interior including the leather seats was restored. The engine was cleaned and look almost brand new. I couldn’t be happier with the service provided by Ashwin and Car care studio and highly recommend their precise and detailed service
Mr. Pranit Rai
Had 2 vehicles detailed by Ashween Lakhan, my 2000 vx r8 clubsport and my bosses vw kombi. Both came out as if they just come off the show room floor. Highly recommend, does great work
Norman Taylor
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